SING,or SINGMeeting, means SING-European Meeting on Game Theory.

SING Assembly is the assembly of those participants to a SING Meeting which are citizens of European countries. The Assembly takes place during each SING annual meeting. The SING Assembly takes decisions on the proposals of the Representatives’ Council.

Multi-organizing Countries are those European countries that organized at least two SING Meetings (taking into account previous SING editions, since 2005).

Country representatives are two persons for each Multi-organizing-Country, appointed at the end of each annual SING Assembly by the participants of that Country attending the Assembly, according the following rules:

  • each Country Representative lasts for three annual Assemblies, except for the younger of the two Country representatives of Country (if any) inserted for the first year as a Multi-organizing-Country; in this case the representative will last for four Assemblies. After three years the representative could be confirmed for three more years.

The Country representatives have the duties of:

  • attending the Representatives’ Council, directly or through a delegate;
  • deciding, in agreement with the organizer of the next SING Meeting, the invited speakers, and the dates;
  • belonging to the Scientific Committee of the meeting, that includes all the present SING representatives, some chosen among the former SING representatives, the Chair of the organizing committee, and at most four members invited by her/him;
  • being the reference point for any possible urgent decision before the following Assembly.

SING Representatives’ Council is the meeting of Country representatives, held annually during every SING Meeting, some days before the Assembly. The organizers of the current and of the next SING Meetings belong to this Council only for the topics regarding the respective meetings. Each Country representative that cannot attend the Council has to be represented by a delegate.

The Chair and the Secretary of the SING Representatives Council (Chair and Secretary of SING for short) are selected by the Assembly for three year terms. They must be citizens of a European country. The main task of the Chair of SING is to act as the main contact person of the SING organization. S/he will also act as a chair of the Assembly and the SING Representatives Council, and the Secretary will keep the minutes of the Assembly. The minutes must be sent within a month of the conclusion of the meeting to the Country Representatives for their approval (with a tacit approval after two weeks).The Chair and Secretary of SING will inform the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the next SING Meeting about updating the web page of the meeting reflecting the decisions made by the Assembly.


SING Meetings can be organized only in European countries.

Any person working in a European country may ask to organize a SING Meeting. In order to do it, s/he has to send a formal request to all current Country representatives, specifying the location and the year (or the years) in which s/he could give this opportunity. In the request it is necessary to explicitly accept and bind oneself to respect all the conditions of this procedure.


The organizer will contact the Country Representatives for starting the organization of the new SING Meeting. In particular, s/he should not spread preliminary information about the meeting that requires the approval of the Country representatives, unless after their agreement (with a tacit approval after two weeks).

S/he will prepare a section of the web page of the meeting (e.g. “About SING”) including the information received by the Chair of SING about necessary updates, i.e.:

  • Past and Future;
  • Organizing procedure;
  • Country Representatives list (with the e-mail addresses of the current ones and their election year);
  • Minute of the last Assembly.

The new organizer will not change any of the above information. In the only case in which his country becomes, with that issue, a Multi-organizing Country, s/he will add, at the end of SING history, a brief description of past activities on Game Theory in her/his Country, with a similar style and length of the other descriptions.

For the acceptance or rejection of submitted relations, the Chair of the Organizing Committee will send all abstracts to all members of the Scientific Committee, requesting a response within a suitable deadline. S/he will then send to all those members only the abstracts for which at least one of them has reported some concerns, and asks for a definitive answer within a second deadline. The final decision will be taken by a majority of those who answered by the last deadline (in the case of a tie, the Chair’s vote will be worth).

In the scheduling of the meeting, the organizer has to book time and rooms for:

  • a session of the SING Representatives’ Council; it should take place in the first day and possibly not overlapping other scientific sessions;
  • a plenary session for the SING Assembly; it should take place at the end of the meeting.

S/he should maintain active the web page of the meeting for at least one year, possibly publishing the Minutes of the Assembly and in particular the new appointed Country Representatives.